Thursday, October 23, 2014

Harris & Ewing

 Air field, 1919-21
 Child roller skating with pillows, 1924
 Children playing in a park, 1919-21
 Children playing jump rope in a park, 1919-21
 Debutantes playing horse shoes. Left to right, 
Elizabeth Beale, Virginia Edwards, Jan-Feb 1923
 Flat spare tires are numerous around Washington these days for the youthful
 football players who have found an easier way to inflate the pigskin 
than using their lungs. Billy Friel shown inflating his football. 1924
 Heated taxi cab, February 1936
 Ice skating at Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC, January 1922
 Painting portraits of Native Americans, 1936
Snow, Washington, DC, January 1922

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