Tuesday, March 12, 2013

World War II Combat

 A Marine of the 1st Marine Division draws a bead on a Japanese sniper, Okinawa, 1945

 A formation of Spitfires on interception patrol over De Djerba Island, 
off Gabes, on their way to the Mareth Line area, 1943
 A platoon of Negro troops surrounds a farm house in a town in France, 
as they prepare to eliminate a German sniper holding up an advance, 1944

 Across the litter on Iwo Jima's black sands, 
Marines of the 4th Division shell Japanese positions, 1945

 Allied bombing raid over Europe

 American Recon troops of the 83rd Infantry Division 
move up the main street in Bihain, Belgium, January, 1945

 American assault troops in a landing craft huddle behind the protective front of the craft as it nears a beachhead, D-Day, 1944

 American soldier shares water and food with 3 native island children clothed in rags following the defeat of Japanese forces occupying the island, Saipan, Marianas Islands, July 1944

 American troops marching through the streets of a British port town on their way to the docks where they will be loaded into landing craft, June 1944

 American soldier with captured Germans, 1944

 American troops of Troop E, 7th Cavalry Regiment, advance towards San Jose on Leyte Island, Philippine Islands. 20 October 1944

American troops of the 28th Infantry Division 
march down the Champs Elysees, Paris. August 1944

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