Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lewis Hine

 A former chicken coop, in which during the berry season the Arnao family, 
seventeen children and five elders, live on Hitchen's farm, Seaford, Delaware, 1910

 A group of girl workers in Greenabaum's Canneries, Seaford, Delaware. These girls 
gave their ages as 10, 13 and 13. They work from 7 am to 6 pm. 1910

 About 50 persons housed in this miserable row of dilapidated shacks partly surrounded 
by a tidal marsh. Maggioni Canning Co. Port Royal, South Carolina, 1912

 All these boys are cutters in the Seacoast Canning Co., Factory #7. Ages range from 7 to 12. They live near the factory. Seven year old boy in front, Byron Hamilton, has a badly cut finger, but helps his brother regularly. 1911

 Boys linking bed-springs, Boston, 1917

 Children going through Whitman Street dump, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, 1912

 Frank Burditt and family. They rent this dilapidated shack and are trying 
to make a living off the meagre land near by. Sissonville, West Virginia, 1921

 Rose Biodo, 10 years old. Working 3 summers. Minds baby and carries berries, 
two pecks at a time. Whites Bog, Brown Mills, NJ, 1910

 Some of the young shrimp-pickers working at the Dunbar, Lopez, Dukate Co.
Youngest five and eight years old.  Biloxi, Mississippi, 1911

Teixiera family, Mary J., 11 years; Manuel 10 years. Mother and these two children pick 40 measures a day at 7 cents a measure. Falmouth, Plimney Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

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