Friday, March 22, 2013

Photographic Times 1890

The Photographic Times was an early photography periodical. Its byline was "An Illustrated Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Interests of Artistic and Scientific Photography." This was the cutting-edge of photography at the time. 

The 1890 edition of the periodical had a large number of entries, too many for one post here, so I'll split it up into several.

 Alvin H. Bradley: A Fair Philadelphian

 C.L. Lochman: Liriodendron (Tulip tree Blossoms)

 Catharine Weed Barnes: Five O'Clock Tea

 Berkeley Allen: A Sylvan Stream

 Catharine Weed Barnes: Interior. Residence of William Barnes, Albany, N.Y.

 Charles H. Miller: An Old Highway

 Edward H. Graves: Palm House

 Daniel P. Read: A Torrent

C.H. Gallup: A Fish Story

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