Thursday, March 7, 2013

Harris & Ewing

 Adelaide Henry, Council for Eastern Air Lines. March 1938

 At luncheon to English peace advocate. Washington, D.C., Jan. 9. Mrs. Roosevelt was among the distinguished guests to attend the luncheon today in honor of Dr. Maude Royden, January 1937

 Congress Heights Dramatic Club

 Horse show, 1915

 General John J. Pershing at parade, 1918

 Lee Dillard Goodsby, a member of the graduating class of the U.S. Naval Academy today, received an added thrill when his girlfriend, Betty Brougher, pinned the epaulets of ensign on his uniform. June 1939

 Mrs. Gerald M. Conkling, Mrs. Walter Rice; Congressional Club Gay 90s party. April 1938

 Native Americans with bicycle, 1938-39

 Rosalie Sutton, Assistant Secretary of Senator Claude Pepper of Florida. 
The cat wandered into the Senate office building. 1938-39

Miss Esther Cleveland
[no telling which is her, or who the other one is...]

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