Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Herbert List

Herbert List (1903-1975) was a brilliant German photographer with a quite eventful life story. His photographs display a rare level of artistry.

 Black Male Nude I, 1935

 Dead Trees, 1939
 Capri, 1935
[there's enough subtext here to fill a novel]
 Grotesque Figure, Park of Palazzo Orsini, Bomarzo, Italy, 1952
 Man and Dog, Portofino, 1936
 Munich, 1946
 Italy, Venice. Piazza San Marco. 1939
 [what a brilliant use of light and shadow!]
 On the scout for ovenwood , Munich, 1946

 Ostia, Italy, 1959

 Spirit of Lycabettus I, Athens, 1937
 Stairway to Heaven, Rome, 1949
 Traffic sign, Löwenbräukeller, Munich, 1946
 View from the Window II, Rome, Trastevere, 1953
Prometheus, 1939

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