Monday, March 11, 2013

High School

These are high school scenes from National Photo. It doesn't appear to have been any more fun then than it is now (though the girls taking auto shop look like they're enjoying themselves), but at least it was cleaner and more orderly.

 Anacostia High School, Washington, DC, 1939, art class

 Cooking class, Bethesda, Chevy Chase High School, 1935

 High school girls learn the art of automobile mechanics. Left to right- Grace Hurd, Evelyn Harrison, and Corinna DiJiulian, with Grace Wagner (under car), at Central High, Washington DC. 1927

 Hine Junior High School girls basket ball team, 1925

 Mercerburg High School, 1924

 Montgomery Blair High School class room, Silver Spring, Maryland, 1935

 Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, Maryland, 1935

 Tech High School students, Washington, DC, 1936

 Training table, Eastern High School, Washington, DC, 1910-20
[what's a "training table"?]
 Rockville, Maryland high school, 1936

Eastern High School students, Washington, DC, 1935

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