Thursday, March 28, 2013

G. G. Bain

Back to more early 20th century American photos.

 Bastille Day celebrations, probably in New York City, 1914

 Daisy Harriman addresses a Democratic rally in Union Square, New York City, 1912

 Children's pageant at the dedication of the William J. Gaynor Park Playground 
and Recreation House in New York City, Dec. 20, 1913

 Henrietta Noble, who sought an annulment from her marriage to sailor 
William Noble on grounds that he had hypnotized her, 1914

 Mrs. Bourke Cockran, wife of New York politician William Bourke Cockran 
with Mrs. Eleanor B. Roosevelt, wife of Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., 
Mrs. John Blair (Ida Chester Reid) and others, 1910-1915

 Members of the 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry at the Gettysburg Reunion of July 1913, which commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg

 Rebecca Edelsohn after her arrest for attempting to hold an open air mass meeting in Fountain Square, Tarrytown, New York on May 30, without a permit, 1914

Officials of the Poultry and Pigeon Show on the roof of Madison Square Garden in New York City, preparing to release pigeons carrying peace messages for President Wilson in Washington, DC, 1915

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