Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photographic Times 1890, ctd

 Maximilian Toch: Coconut Palms

 Maximilian Toch: On the Ocklawaha, Florida 

 Maximilian Toch: Cuban Ox-Team

 O. Pierre Havens: Tick! Tick!

 R. Clinton Fuller: Night-Blooming Cereus

 Rev. Herbert Macy: Boys after Suckers

 Rudolph Eickemeyer Jr.: The Confidante

 Rudolph Eickemeyer Jr.: The Reapers

 Rudolph Eickemeyer Jr.: In the Valley of the Beaverkill

 Unknown Photographer: A Tree Study

 Unknown Photographer: The Poquessing

 Unknown Photographer: Thoughts of Puss on Life

 W.I. Lincoln Adams: Winter Moonlight

 W.I. Lincoln Adams: Christmas Morning in the Woods

 W.I. Lincoln Adams: The Edge of the Wood

 Walter S. Waterbury: A Brook

 William James Stillman: Door of the Duomo of Florence, Italy

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