Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cabinet Cards - Entertainers

 Lizzie Webster, theater actress

 Mabel Trunelle, stage and silent film actress, Fort Wayne, Indiana

 Mary Beebe, stage actress, New York
[to me she looks a bit like a young Barbra Streisand]
 Mary Anderson, stage actress, Philadelphia

 Mrs James Brown Potter, socialite and theater actress, New York

 Netty Hunter, theater actress, New York, 1895

 Rosalba Beecher, opera singer, New York

 Rosina Vokes, stage actress, and her sisters

 Violet Lloyd, English stage actress and singing comedienne, New York

 Maude Branscombe, popular stage beauty and light opera singer, New York

Pauline Markham, singer and burlesque dancer, New York

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