Friday, April 20, 2012

Russell Lee - Musicians

More of Russell Lee, this time photos of musicians (both professional and amateur) doing their thing.

 Boy playing and singing "Sipping cider through a straw" at pie supper in Muskogee County, Oklahoma, 1940

 Cajun musicians at fais-do-do at National Rice Festival. Crowley, Louisiana, 1938

A fais-do-do is a Cajun dance party. The Wikipedia link tells the origin of the term, which is pretty interesting.

 Entertainers at Negro tavern, Chicago, Illinois, 1941

I am adopting the convention on this blog of using original captions for photos, even if they use dated terms like "Negro" or "colored." No offense is intended through the reproduction of these historical terms (if photos have captions with the more insulting terms that were also in common use, I won't use them).
 Farm worker and his wife in their cottage at the FSA labor camp, Caldwell, Idaho, 1941

Farmer and his brother making music, Pie Town, New Mexico, 1940

 Fruit farmer's wife playing piano, Placer County, California, 1940

 George Hutton, farmer from Maud, Oklahoma, playing his violin which he made, Pie Town, New Mexico, 1940

This fellow is a pretty accomplished woodworker to have made his own violin!

 Guitar player and singers at play party in McIntosh County, Oklahoma, 1940

 Lon Allen and his son playing their fiddles to the tune of The Arkansas Traveler, near Iron River, Michigan, 1937

 Mexican boy playing guitar in room of corral, Robstown, Texas, 1939

Musicians at the square dance, Pie Town, New Mexico, 1940


  1. I would love to use one of these photos on my blog post, but I don't want to without the proper permissions. What's the best way to go about doing that? Thanks!

    1. @loftyminded As far as I'm concerned any pictures I post are fair game. Go for it!