Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ben Shahn - Musicians

Ben Shahn was a Lithuanian-born photographer who worked for the Farm Security Administration. He had a strong social conscience and attempted to show, through his photographs, the effects of hard times on the lives of his subjects.

But this set focuses on people playing music. I only wish I had recordings of them!

 Aunt Samantha Baumgarner, fiddler, banjoist, guitarist, North Carolina, Asheville, 1937

 Fiddlin' Bill Hensley, mountain fiddler, Asheville, North Carolina , 1937

 Jeeter Gentry, Elmer Thompson and Fiddlin' Bill Hensley, Asheville, North Carolina, 1937

 Lovengood sisters, Asheville, North Carolina, 1937

 Mrs. Mary McLean, Skyline Farms, Alabama, 1937

 Practising for the Westmoreland Fair, Pennsylvania, 1937

 Sunday at home, Penderlea Homesteads, North Carolina, 1937

Young musician at Skyline Farms, Alabama, 1937

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