Friday, April 27, 2012

Jack Delano

Jack Delano was a photographer for the FSA. Born Jack Ovcharov in the Ukraine, Delano emigrated to the USA with his family in 1923. His obituary, from 1997, is online.

 A prisoner dancing while another plays the guitar at a prison camp.
Greene County, Georgia, 1941

 CIO strikers, Greene County, Georgia, 1941

 Children sledding in Jewett City, Connecticut, 1940

 Dancing to the music of Red Saunders and his band at the Club DeLisa,
Chicago, Illinois, 1942

 Family living in the "crackerbox" slum tenement in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, 1940
I like the framing of the adult members of the family in the mirror.
Note the monogrammed pillowcase on the bed!

Family of of Dennis Decosta, Portugese FSA client, owns twelve cows on a small farm 
in Little Compton, Rhode Island, 1940

 Foggy night in New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1941
A beautiful atmospheric photo!
 Funeral of nineteen year old Negro sawmill worker in Heard County, Georgia, 1941

 Georgia migratory agricultural worker waiting for the truck which will take her to another job 
at Onley, Virginia. Near Belcross, North Carolina, 1940

In the Vought-Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, Stratford, Connecticut, 1940

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