Friday, April 20, 2012

Good Times

It wasn't all darkness and misery during the Great Depression (though there was a lot of it). These pictures add some balance to the hard times.

 Brownsville, Texas. Charro Days fiesta. Dance at El Rancho Grande, 1942

 Charro Days fiesta, watching the children's parade, Brownsville, Texas, 1942

 Dance hall, Saturday night, Marshalltown, Iowa, 1940

 Square dance at Skyline Farms, Alabama, 1937

 At the May Day pageant in Siloam, Greene County, Georgia, 1941

 Jitterbugging in Negro juke joint, Saturday evening, outside Clarksdale, Mississippi, 1939

Negroes jitterbugging in a juke joint on Saturday afternoon. Clarksdale, Mississippi Delta, 1939

These people really look like they're having a ball! The white cop in the doorway adds a discordant note to the proceedings.

 Woodville, California. FSA farm workers' community.
Saturday night dance in the auditorium of the community house, 1941

 Crab boil, Raceland, Louisiana, 1938
[Now here's a real feast!]

 Farm women and children laughing at some antics of the menfolks, Pie Town, New Mexico, 1940
[I love the unguarded hilarity on display in this picture.]

 Men's section at fais-do-do near Crowley, Louisiana, 1938

Another picture from the fais-do-do. The band was featured in a previous set. Lots of little dramas on display in this photo. For instance, the girl on the lower right who has her face in her hands: is she upset about something or just embarrassed about being in the photo?

 Negro cabaret, Chicago, Illinois, 1941

Life is a cabaret, old chum! It appears the band is that of Boyd Atkins, who had a long career and played with such standouts as Louis Armstrong, Kid Ory and Earl Hines.

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