Thursday, April 26, 2012

G. G. Bain

George Grantham Bain was a prolific photographer in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He founded a news photography agency. Over 40,000 Bain service photos can be seen in raw form at the Library of Congress.

 Actors Benefit for Crippled Children, 1908

 Actors' strike, New York, 1919
[It's a sea of boaters!]

 Anatomy Class circa 1905

 Babe Ruth and John McGraw, 1923
[Here are two of the most iconic figures in baseball history.]

 Children in swings, Hamilton Fish Park, New York

 Children playing in steerage, Friedrich der Grosse
[The Friedrich der Grosse was a civilian passenger liner in the late 1800s.]

 Delivering matzos & matza flour, 1908

 East Side women discussing price of meat during meat boycott, 1910
[The 1910 meat boycott, to protest high prices,
began in Cleveland, Ohio and spread across the nation.]

Flathead Indians holding family gatherings on the west side of Glacier National Park

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