Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Russell Lee - Mothers and Children

Here's another set from Russell Lee. Mother with their children. There's something very primal about all of these images.

 Agricultural workers wait in the clinic at the FSA farm workers community,
Woodville, California, 1942

 Farmer's wife washing clothes and watching son at same time, near Morganza, Louisiana, 1938

 Mexican mother and child in doorway, San Antonio, Texas, 1939

 Mexican mother and child in home. Crystal City, Texas. 
This woman had given birth to baby on bed while she had an advanced case of gonorrhea, 1939

 Mexican woman and son looking out of window into corral, San Antonio, Texas, 1939

 Mother and child of agricultural day laborers family encamped
near Spiro, Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, 1939

 Mother and child, FSA clients, former sharecroppers,
just before moving to Southeast Missouri Farms, 1938

Mrs. John Scott, wife of a hired man, with one of her six children, near Ringgold, Iowa, 1937

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