Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Arthur Rothstein - Farmwork

Arthur Rothstein was another FSA photographer. This set is all photos of people engaged in farmwork.

 Farmer feeding hogs, Scioto Farms, Ohio, 1938

 Feeding chickens, Wabash Farms, Indiana, 1938

 George Arnold and his son inspect some of the hives on their farm
in Chaffee County, Colorado, 1939

 Girl potato picker, Rio Grande County, Colorado, 1939

Girl separating vines from potatoes, Rio Grande County, Colorado, 1939

 Women picking carrots. These women come from the Italian section of Philadelphia to work on the large truck farms in Camden County, New Jersey, 1938

 Potato pickers, Rio Grande County, Colorado, 1939

 Picking cotton, Lauderdale County, Mississippi, 1935

 Packing cut celery in the fields, Sanford, Florida, 1937

Onion field worker, Rice County, Minnesota, 1939


  1. I have no words. Awesome, amazing social record, which embodies the unique historical role of photography. Every single one of the authors you posted. Thank you very much from Argentina.

    1. Thank you so much. I started this blog to reach people and comments like this are very encouraging. I really think that if people really look at these photos - really look with open mind and heart - that compassion and fellow-feeling for other human beings will grow.