Thursday, April 26, 2012

Russell Lee - Mothers and Children, ctd

Here's another set of photos by Russell Lee of mothers and their children.

 Mrs. Paul Rauhauser and two of her seven children in their home at Ruthven, Iowa, 1936

 People living on river side of levee, Caruthersville, Missouri, 1938

 Spectators at the contests for miners at the Labor Day celebration, Silverton, Colorado, 1940

Tub of stringbeans in sharecropper's home, New Madrid County, Missouri, 1938

 Wife of carpenter and her baby who live in community camp, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1939

 Woman teaching children at home, Transylvania, Louisiana, 1939

 Woman and child, flood refugees in schoolhouse, Sikeston, Missouri, 1937

Young Indian mother and baby, blueberry camp, near Little Fork, Minnesota, 1937

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