Monday, April 23, 2012

Dorothea Lange - Kids

More pictures of children.

 Colored boys playing on top of Coca Cola stand, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1938

 Girls of Lincoln Bench School study their reading lesson. Near Ontario, Malheur County, Oregon, 1939

 Just arrived from Kansas. On highway going to potato harvest.
Near Merrill, Klamath County, Oregon, 1939

 Migrant children. Merrill, Klamath County, Oregon, 1939

Migratory children living in "Rambler's Park." They have lived on the road for three years.
Yakima Valley, Washington, 1939

 Motherless migrant children. They work in the cotton, 1936

 Oregon, Marion County, near West Stayton. Children in large private bean pickers camp.
Pickers came from many states, from Oklahoma to North Dakota, 1939

Sharecroppers' families gathering needs for their 4th of July celebration, whites and blacks together, Hill House, Mississippi, 1936

 The oldest girl seated in the doorway of the house trailer cares for the family.
Yakima Valley, Washington, 1939

Tobacco sharecropper child playing. Note burlap covered playhouse.
Person County, North Carolina, 1939

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