Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Russell Lee

 Child of migrant worker in front of trailer home, Weslaco, Texas, January 1939
 Chopping ice before shaving it to be used in icing 
shrimp boat, Morgan City, Louisiana, October 1938
 Edgar Allen, wife, and children. They are tenants of private party on one hundred sixty acre farm near Milford, Iowa. Crop share lease, two-fifths of all crops and two hundred dollars rent. This is an extreme case of poverty in northwest Iowa. Children are very smart and seemingly very happy. December 1936
 Farm boys, Louisiana, October 1938
 Farm girl leaning on wagon, near Morganza, Louisiana, November 1938
 Farmer (widow) husking corn. She lives on Black Canyon Project and has a FSA (Farm Security Administration) loan. Canyon County, Idaho, November 1941
 Farmer's wife churning butter. Emmet County, Iowa, December 1936
 Flood refugees being fed at Tent City, near Shawneetown, Illinois. The people 
serving food are volunteers from among the flood refugees, April 1937
 Preparing dinner for the six hundred fifty flood refugees encamped 
at Tent City near Shawneetown, Illinois, April 1937
Pulling stones from cut-over land. Forest County, Wisconsin, April 1937

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