Sunday, November 30, 2014

Harris & Ewing

 Flood, 1932-33
 Judges at Bal Boheme. These judges, presiding at the Bal Boheme 
in Washington Monday night, are, from the left, Clifford K. Berryman, 
C. Powell Minnigerode and Charles Bittinger. February 1935
 Bal Boheme winner. Mr. and Mrs. Melville Grosvenor of Washington drew upon the resources of a king to capture first prize at the Bal Boheme, a social event of gaiety and costume held annually. Judge Charles Bittinger, President of the Arts club, is making the award. Mr. Grosvenor, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Grosvenor of the National Geographical Society. February 1935
 Grace Coolidge and children dressed in colonial 
clothing. White House, Washington, DC, 1923-29
[Which one is Grace Coolidge? See here.]

 Henry C. Wallace and group of girls at garden, 1922
[Mr. Wallace was Secretary of Agriculture.]
 Miss Adelaide Hughes caused quite a little excitement on F St. Saturday when she strolled on the busy street with her pet fox, Washington, DC, 1924
 Police escorting woman outside U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC, 1932-33
 Standing water at US Capitol, Washington, DC, 1915-23
 These two prominent members of Washington's social set enjoy the clear, cold aftermath of the blizzard which left the streets covered with nearly a foot of snow, January 1935
Women with tuba, 1928

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