Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Albert Percy Godber

Group of men with their dogs, around a camp fire. The man second from left holds a wild piglet in his lap. On the Mendip Hills sheep farm, 1917
 Native bush with a rustic bridge over the Korokoro Stream, and 
a group standing on and below the bridge, 26 December 1912
 Native bush with tree ferns, a stream, and two men 
visible in right foreground, at Korokoro
 The old homestead at Taioma; a cob cottage with 
thatched roof, in a state of disrepair, ca. 1926
 The Whangarei Falls, 1911
 Two women and a man beside the rapids below the Wairua Falls, 1911
 Two women and a man picnicking beside the Wairua Falls, 1911
 View of bush on Stewart Island, with Albert Percy Godber and a woman 
(possibly his daughter Phyllis) standing in the centre, ca. 1925
 View of the bridge in the Manuka Gorge, on the Lawrence to Milton Road. A woman (either the photographer's wife Laura, or his daughter Phyllis) is standing on the bridge, 1926
Albert Percy Godber Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

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