Friday, November 14, 2014

George Frederick Kaye

 A group of American soldiers and two dispatch riders of the New Zealand 
Division on the 5th Army Front in Southern Italy, 10 February 1944
 Italian partisani on the move near the Reno River in Italy, 24 April 1945
 Italian refugees making their way back to their homes as the New Zealand 
Division advances in the Atina, Belmonte area, Italy, 30 May 1944
 L G Bell and M D Elias in conversation with Italian peasant woman, 16 December 1943
 [Note: M. D. Elias was another photographer, and has been featured here.]
 Men of the New Zealand Division on the Italian Front receive their New Zealand Patriotic Fund parcels at lunchtime, a few days before Christmas, 22 December 1943
 New Zealand gun crew in the front line area 
of the Sangro River, 29 November 1943
 New Zealand soldiers brew up in the dried bed of the Pisa River 
in the forward areas near Florence in Italy, 8 August 1944
 New Zealand soldiers on leave in Rome, Italy, 
with guide at the Colosseum, 3 July 1944
 New Zealanders enjoying the sunshine on the banks 
of the Fibrino River, near Sora, in Italy, 3 June 1944
NZ infantry moving along the road towards Florence 
after engaging enemy forces west of the city, 4 August 1944

Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

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