Wednesday, November 12, 2014

George Robert Bull

New Zealander who photographed troops in World War II.
 Boat building at 1 NZ Convalescent Depot in Santo Spirito, Italy, 17 May 1944
 Carrier pigeons settling in the loft after training flight, Casale, Italy, 6 May 1944
 H Sweet and R Semple loading carrier pigeons for training flight, Casale, Italy, 5 May 1944
 Group of NZ personnel serving with the RAF on one of the 
most forward Spitfire aerodromes in Italy, 27 April 1944
 J R A Chote makes use of a crudely constructed shower 
at 6 NZ Field Ambulance in Italy, 25 April 1944
 Major F Hutter with Butch, the canine mascot of 
6 NZ Field Ambulance, Italy, 25 April 1944
 Military truck towing a jeep on the the Inferno Track, Cassino area, Italy, 29 April 1944
 New Zealand soldiers on the Cassino Front, Italy, 
record messages to be broadcast home, 25 April 1944
 Patients exercising their legs with remedial exercises at 
1 NZ Convalescent Depot at Santo Spirito, Italy, 17 May 1944

Red Cross workers with mobile canteen on the wharf at Alexandria as 
repatriated POWs come ashore from the hospital ship Tairea, 3 November 1943

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