Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Drought refugees

These photos of Dust Bowl refugees are by Dorothea Lange.

 Drought refugee children on U.S. 99 near Bakersfield, California, May 1937
 Drought refugee family from McAlester, Oklahoma. Arrived in California October 1936 to join the cotton harvest. Near Tulare, California, November 1936
 Drought refugee from Polk, Missouri. Awaiting the opening 
of orange picking season at Porterville, California, Nov 1936
 Drought refugees are stopped at the inspection station in Yuma, Arizona, to have their baggage inspected for plant pests before they are allowed to enter California, Spring 1937
 Drought refugees from Abilene, Texas, following the crops of California 
as migratory workers. "The finest people in this world live in Texas," August 1936
 Drought refugees from Oklahoma at work in the 
pea fields near Nipomo, California, Spring 1937
 Drought refugees. California, February 1936
 Migrant children from Oklahoma on California highway, March 1937
 Migratory family traveling across the desert in search of work 
in the cotton at Roswell, New Mexico. U.S. Route 70, Arizona, May 1937
Oklahoma grandmother in southern California squatter's 
camp. "Yes'm we're getting along just fine." March 1937

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