Friday, November 7, 2014

Marion Post Wolcott

 Coal miner and wife and children. He has been injured in mines four times. Since last year, has been refused work, now is on relief. Pursglove, Scotts Run, West Virginia, September 1938
 Company store, coal mining town. Caples, West Virginia, September 1938
 FSA (Farm Security Administration) borrower's children returning home on 
muleback with a sack of meal. Knox County, Kentucky, September 1940
 George Cowley's family (rural rehabilitation) with home supervisor, discussing possibilities of further medical care and treatment for child on crutches. Her bones break exceptionally easy (diet deficiency one of causes) and one leg has been broken five times and doesn't mend properly. She is ten years old. Pike County, Alabama, May 1939
 In Breathitt County, Kentucky. The school year begins in July and ends in January as most of the children have no shoes and insufficient clothing to walk the long distances over bad roads and up creek beds. September 1940
 Miner and wife taking home provisions bought at company store, 
Caples, West Virginia, September 1938
 Miner taking home provisions. Caples, West Virginia, September 1938
 Mountaineers trying to get car out of creek. Up South fork of 
the Kentucky River, Breathitt County, Kentucky, August 1940
Mrs. Lloyd, ninety-one year old mother of Miss Nettie Lloyd, who 
is a pellagra victim. Mrs. Lloyd was born and reared in Orange County; 
has lived on this spot since her marriage sixty-nine years ago. September 27, 1939
Payday, coal mining town, Omar, West Virginia, September 1938

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