Thursday, November 13, 2014

Adam MacLay

 Driver and car outside a building, 1905-26
 Elderly couple with flowers surrounded by extended family, 1905-26
 Extended family group portrait on garden lawn with dog, 1905-26
 Exterior of a wooden house showing five women and two men 
standing in front garden and sitting on porch, 1905-26
 Family group outdoors sitting on grassy bank, 1905-26
 Group of men and women at a picnic, ca. 1910s
 Group of young women outdoors, 1905-26
 Large group portrait of people and children wearing hats, on a social outing, 1905-26
 Outdoor wedding party portrait with bride in veil, 
groom, extended family and flower girl, 1905-26
Portrait of unidentified woman wearing a hat and holding a parasol, 1905-26

Adam MacLay Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library

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