Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vintage Japan

 Woman reading a book, ca. 1880s
 Young woman with fan, kneeling beside tea service, and older woman standing, ca. 1880s
 Yokohama street scene, ca. 1895
 Women drawing water from well, ca. 1890
 Woman in basket palanquin, ca. 1880s
 Woman in kago (traveling chair) and two bearers
[these guys have some serious ink!]
 Woman in rickshaw, with two drivers, ca. 1880s
 Woman playing samisen, ca. 1880s
[this woman is to me the very personification of elegance]
 Women looking at fabric in a kimono shop
 Women performers, possibly dancers, with shamisen players in back row, ca. 1870s
 Women playing go, ca. 1876
Women playing the koto and shamisen, ca. 1880s

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