Monday, January 13, 2014

Frank Hohenberger

 Hillary Bailey models posing, Jackson Branch, Indiana, 1929
 Home Economics Club, Van Buren township, Indiana. 
Onya LaTour's home, in yard, 1946
 House fire, Nashville, Indiana, 1943
 Ice polo, Salt creek, 1925
 Jane Foster at well, 1931
 Jimmy Davis and aluminum drive display, 1941
[love the Hitler cartoon]
 Junior high school class at Dick Coffey's, 1926
 Kathryn with gun, 1921
["My name is Kathryn. I'm the NRA."]
 Lake study with pond lilies in foreground, boat at side, 1925
 Leila David and ticket-sellers for play, 1942
 Librarians at Spearsville, Indiana, 1926
Line full of quilts on the Monrovia road, 1927
[this is my favorite of the lot...wish I could see these quilts in color]

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