Saturday, January 25, 2014

Joseph Pennell

 Double portrait of Rizer sisters and friend, 1898
 Five Soldiers Sitting on F, 2nd Artillery Hay Wagon, Fort Riley, 1896
 Group portrait of Chapman High School graduates, 1896
 Lieutenant Treat and two children with group of dogs, 1898
 Miss Lehane with bicycle, 1897
 People at Eastern Star Picnic, 1899
 Portrait of Andra Schach and group of women, 1895
 Portrait of Georgia Gunn, 1896
 Portrait of Net Mullis, 1898
["A Prairie Girl"]
 Soldier, Cooke, and woman in buggy drawn by two horses, 1897
 Soldiers playing cards with a skeleton, Fort Riley, 1902
[typical of soldiers to have a ghoulish sense of humor]
Two women, Herr and Bergreen, in front of tent, Fort Riley, 1897

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