Thursday, January 23, 2014

San Francisco Earthquake

 Bread line, Sixth and Mission
 East Street (the Embarcadero), a few weeks after the fire. 
U.S. Army men bivouacked in tents
 Food vending carts, wagons, streetcars, tents and rubble along Market Street
 Girl on swing, surrounded by rubble-filled lots, Rincon Hill
 Looters under guard of U.S. Army troops
 Man at street kitchen
 Man regarding subsidence of sidewalk and street, Capp Street
 McAllister and Market Streets
 Mission Relief Headquarters, Guerrero Street near 25th
 New Montgomery Street ruins. Rialto Bldg. at right. 
Crossley building in foreground at left
 Olson family in Jefferson Park
Refugee camp at Fort Mason

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