Monday, January 20, 2014


More photos from the University of Southern California archives.

 $100,000 pearl gown at Bullock's downtown (Damon Runyon Memorial Fund), 1952
 60th wedding anniversary, 20 June 1954
A boy standing next to one of the many eucalyptus trees in the eucalyptus grove, ca.1900
 A crowded skating rink with a sign announcing a couples contest 
on Monday nights and races on Wednesday night
 A dance is held for youths of the Overland Avenue School District, 1946
 A huge crowd looks at a fancy car as it pulls up to the Fox Westwood Village 
during the premiere of the "Adventures of Casanova", 1948
 A man pulling a woman sitting on a chariot in Chinatown, Los Angeles
 A woman wearing a palm tree brooch is being assisted by a man 
working at the produce stand at the Farmers Market, 1946
 Airline Stewardesses, Long Beach, 1951
 Alert America Show, 1952
[good sampling of Cold War paranoia]
[no doubt there were equivalent displays in the USSR]
 Alhambra Junior Firemen have picnic, 1952
All States Picnic at Ontario, 1957

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