Sunday, January 26, 2014


More 1950s Americana from the USC archives.

 Alpha Delta Pi planning party, 1951
 Annual Coronet Debutante Ball held in Crystal Room of Beverly Hills Hotel, 1951
 Anti-bomb test pickets, 1958
 Arcadia Peach Blossom Queen, 1951
 Atomic energy, 1951
[cause what goes more naturally with atomic energy 
than girls in swimsuits?...epic weirdness]
 Cabrillo Beach, Fourth of July, Queen and her court, 1958
 Baton contest, Rosemead High School, 1954
 Beach bonnet contest, Long Beach, 1953
 Bus strike can be fun, 1955
Becky Thatcher and Tom Sawyer (Huck Finn Days) going for boat ride in Echo Park, 1958

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