Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vintage Australia

 Grace Bros Ball at Palais Royal Moore Park
 Group of men and women on a dirt road
 Final dance competition of 1933 at the Jack Keating Dance Studio
 Four well-dressed men holding beer bottles, ca. 1900
 George Street, looking north from GPO Sydney
 George Street, looking south from Hunter Street, Sydney
 George Street, looking south, Sydney
 Govett's Leap Falls
[I had to look up the name...Govett was a surveyor who probably discovered the falls, and "Leap" is a Scottish word for waterfall. Here's what it looks like now (mysteriously it has acquired color :)]
 Grand final dance championship at the Jack Keating Dance Studio
 Grose Valley, Blackheath, New South Wales
 Hardie Rubber Co Ltd annual staff ball, 1939
Horse team and wagons

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