Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hikaru Iwasaki

 In the food store of the Wilmington, Delaware Cooperative Society, Inc., Tom Toyoji Yamane is putting to use the experience he gained in conducting his own produce business at Huntington, California, for four years prior to evacuation, 1944
 Mr. Kenji Muraoka, formerly of Los Angeles, California, and more 
recently of the Rohwer Relocation Center, is shown at work in his 
laboratory with Mrs. F. Brown. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1944
Mrs. Emon Ikuda has plenty of household tasks to keep her busy now 
since her return to their home near Kent, Washington, 1945
 Mrs. Harvey Suzuki is preparing a snack for him in the kitchen of the 
six-room tenant house which they now occupy on the L. L. Logan 
poultry farm at Kennett Square, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1944
 Mrs. Kiye Iyoya is shown at work with two Caucasian workers in the 
kitchen of the Elms Hotel in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. Her husband 
is also employed as barman at the same hotel. 1944
 Nisei instructors in the Japanese language are busy youngsters 
teaching army officers at Stanford University, 1945
 Pfc. Thomas Higa, 27-year-old Japanese American war veteran and smallest 
member of the 100th Battalion, who is in Denver to tell other Japanese Americans 
about the wonderful treatment the United States Army gives its soldiers, 1944
 Shibo Hayashi, his wife Kimiye, and daughter Kuye stand by the truck 
which carried their first load of cauliflower produced on their farm, 
located in Berlin Township, St. Clair County, Michigan, 1944
 The Poston, Arizona, Center is the former residence of the four bell hops 
shown in this picture. They are employed at the exclusive resort hotel, 
the Elms, located just north of Kansas City, Missouri, 1944
 This social has been dubbed COSMO NITE. For over half a year, 
evacuees and Caucasians have been meeting twice monthly for a 
Cosmo Nite at the YWCA in Kansas City, Missouri, 1945
 Three charming daughters of Henry Nomura pose for their picture 
outside the Nomura home in Madison, Wisconsin, 1944
University of Connecticut campus group with Caucasian and Nisei friends, 1944

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