Monday, July 23, 2012

Marion Post Wolcott

 Picnic at Irwinville Farms, Georgia, on May Day, 1939

 Project family in new wagon, Flint River Farms, Georgia, 1939

 Skimming the boiling cane juice to make sorghum syrup at cane mill 
near Carr, Orange County, North Carolina, 1939

 Son of Walter Gaylord pouring sap into container, to be boiled down into maple syrup, 
Mad River Valley, Waitsfield, Vermont, 1940

 Student with recreational director during basketball game, 
Prairie Farms, Montgomery, Alabama, 1939

 Sunday school picnic brought into abandoned mining town of Jere, West Virginia, 
by neighboring parishoners, 1938

 WPA worker's wife washing clothes in front yard. South Charleston, West Virginia, 1938

Women and children on porch near Burton's Fork, Kentucky River, 
near Jackson, Kentucky, 1940

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