Friday, July 20, 2012

G. G. Bain

Another set of photos from the George Grantham Bain news service.

 American Marines mobilizing at League Island, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, in February 1913, before going to Guantanamo, Cuba, in response to the Mexican Revolution

 American tennis champion Marie Wagner with Mrs. C.N. Beard, 1913

 Asbury Park, 1910-1915

 Eleanor Tierney
[this is an extremely revealing costume for the early 1900s!]
 Female Indian telephone switchboard operator - "Helen of Many Glacier Hotel"
26 June 1925

 Georgia Caine and Anshutz sisters going to baseball game, 1909

 Hazel Reiber probably at Long Beach, New York, 1910-1915
[I have been unable to find any information about who she was]
 Ice skating - Fred Flake and Flo Coine; Frank Thompson and Mrs. Matheson, 1910-1915

Indian women playing the stick game at the midsummer celebration 
on the Glacier National Park Reservation, Montana

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