Monday, July 2, 2012

Lewis Hine - Mill Workers, ctd

More of Lewis Hine's photos of young people (some very young) working in the mills.

 Little Fannie, 7 years old, 48 inches high, helps sister in Elk Mills. Her sister said, "Yes, she he'ps me right smart. Not all day but all she can. She started with me at six this morning." 
Fayetteville, Tennessee, 1910

 One of spinners in Whitnel Cotton Mfg. Co., NC. She was 51 inches high. Had been in mill 1 year, some at night. Runs 4 sides, 48 cents a day, 1908

 Spinner in Bibb Mill No. 1, Macon, Georgia. Bad lighting and ventilation in spinning room, 1909

 Spinner in Lancaster Cotton Mills, South Carolina, 1908

 Spinner in Vivian Cotton Mills, Cherryville, N.C. Been at it 2 years. 
Where will her good looks be in ten years? 1908

 Spinner, Fall River, Massachusetts, 1916

Spinners in a cotton mill, 1911

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  1. Lewis Hine was a great, deeply thoughtful photography, and I'm glad to see these published. Our economic system should be based on good will for people! I have a passion about that, which I'm grateful I learned from the great poet and critic Eli Siegel. You can see more of what he said about the justice that should be in econmics, at . Thank you again for posting these. Devorah Tarrow