Thursday, July 19, 2012

Frolicking at the Seashore

From Detroit Publishers, here are photos of people enjoying America's coastal playgrounds. The captions are the original ones.

 A couple of mermaids, 1905

 A race, Manhanset House, Shelter Island, New York, 1904

 An afternoon on the beach, 1900-1905

 At the seashore, 1900-1906

 Bathing beauties, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1890-1910

 Come on in, the water's fine, 1905

 Giddap, 1905

 In the good old summertime, 1905

 They were on their honeymoon, 1900-1905

 Three little maids on pleasure bent, 1905

Two strings to her beaux, 1900-1905

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