Friday, July 6, 2012

Marion Post Wolcott, ctd

Here's another set of photos by Marion Post Wolcott.

 Lee Betties, rural rehabilitation client, with sack of horse and mule feed on rear of his wagon, leaving general store at Woodville, Greene County, Georgia, 1939

 Living quarters, store, and "juke joint" for migratory laborers 
near Canal Point, Florida, 1941

 Migratory laborers playing checkers in front of jook joint during slack season for vegetable pickers. Belle Glade, Florida, 1941

 Mountain people carrying a coffin up the creek bed to the family graveyard where it will be buried. Up South Fork of the Kentucky River, 1940

 Mrs. Ellis Adkins and her youngest child. The family are rehabilitation borrowers.
Coffee County, Alabama, 1938

 One of the sharecropper's houses with sweet potatoes and cotton on the porch, 
Knowlton Plantation, Perthshire, Mississippi Delta, Mississippi, 1939

 Pauline Clyburn, rehabilitation borrower, and two of her children. 
Manning, Clarendon County, South Carolina, 1939

Picnic at Ashwood Plantation, South Carolina, May Day health day, 1939

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