Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jack Delano

 Mrs. Willcox, whose home was damaged by the hurricane, Ledyard, Connecticut, 1940

 Music for the Saturday night square dances in Clayville, Rhode Island, is provided by this school teacher from a neighboring town and her son, 1940

 Nashville, Tennessee. Vultee Aircraft Company. In the engine installation section, 1942

 Nashville, Tennessee. Vultee Aircraft Company. Installing electric wiring in a fuselage, 1942

 Pickets outside a textile mill in Greensboro, Green County, Georgia, 1941

 Relatives of the aged Harvey sisters who have come to help them move out of their home in the Camp Croft area, near Whitestone, South Carolina, 1941

 Saturday afternoon in Greensboro, Georgia, 1941

Saturday afternoon in White Plains, Greene County, Georgia, 1941

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