Monday, July 30, 2012

Harris and Ewing - Ladies Doing Things

 Miss Elinor Blevins, auto racer, 1915

 Miss Frances Lippett. Playing in tennis tournament, 1913
[Wow. Trying to visualize her in that outfit playing against Serena Williams...]

 Miss Gladys Hinckley at the horse show, 1913

 Mrs. Franklin Adams, nee Harriet Chalmers, at zoo with llama, 1912

 Mrs. Jerome N. Bonaparte at dog show, 1915

 Skating party, 1912
[in an era where action shots were extremely difficult to get because of
the photographic technology of the time, this came out pretty well]
George Alta Bonlonager (r) at Fort Myer horse show with daughter, 1911

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