Friday, July 13, 2012

Harris & Ewing - Suffragettes

Harris & Ewing was a photographic studio that provided photos to news services in the early 20th century. Over 25,000 raw images are online at the Library of Congress (that's the source for the ones I'm posting, after editing). Shorpy has a collection of ones he has edited online also.

The women's suffrage movement, working to get women the right to vote, was very active in the first two decades of the 20th century, before its eventual success. Here are some photos from the suffrage movement.

 District of Columbia. Suffrage voting for district

 Miss Lucy Burns of C.U.W.S., left, with Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst

 Miss Phoebe Hawn, suffragette hiker, 1913

 Mrs. James Leeds Laidlaw, suffragette, 1913

 Rosalie Jones, general leader of suffragette parade, 1913
 Woman suffrage parade, 1914

 Woman suffrage parade, May 1914

 Woman suffrage, advertising parade, 1913

Woman suffrage. At White House with banners, 1914

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