Friday, August 22, 2014

M. D. Elias

New Zealanders in action in Middle East and North Africa.

 Axis prisoners of war coming in on foot under a white flag in Tunisia, 1 June 1943
 Local inhabitants with decorations for sale for the celebrations of victory in Tunis, 23 May 1943
 Locals drawing water from a well which supplied Edomites in Biblical times, 15 April 1942
 Members of the population of Tunis demonstrating welcome with American flags to the 8th Army following the defeat of Axis troops, 23 May 1943
 NZ soldiers with native pedlar near the Syrian and Turkish border, 9 July 1942
 Oranges for sale from vendors in Jerusalem, 2 June 1942
 Pilot Officer Paton and Sergeant Pilot Crompton leaning 
on the barrel of a gun on a tank buster, Tunisia, May 1943
 Player Waddick after touching down during the NZEF versus the 
Rest of Egypt rugby football match at Alexandria, 21 February 1943
 Senegalese troops of the Free French forces at the time of 
the inspection by General Leclerc in Tunisia, 19 May 1943
[can't resist commenting on the irony of African troops from a
French colonial possession serving in the "Free" French forces]
Sister M D Haskins and F L Jones who was wounded near Matruh
at the 3rd NZ General Hospital, Beirut, Lebanon, 7 September 1942
Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

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