Thursday, August 21, 2014

Frederick Nelson Jones

 A police cycle patrol in Christchurch, which was raised to thwart a horse fiend, 1896
 Brewery worker and a vat of beer being worked, ca. 1910
[I like the "after" picture better :)]
 Bride about to enter a horse drawn carriage, ca. 1910
 Dr Oxnam and others, feeding stray dogs after the 1929 Murchison earthquake
 Haven Street, alongside Nelson Harbour, showing a group returning 
after farewelling World War 1 soldiers, 24 August, 1915
 Maori group standing alongside a carved figure of the Maori chief Tu-Kai-Taua. Each person holds a carved wooden Maori weapon, ca. 1915
 Mechanical engineering workshop and students, ca. 1925
 Men repairing a washed out bridge, ca. 1928
 Row of motorcars, with passengers, during an outing for 
returned World War 1 soldiers, Nelson, 23 January 1916
Row of unidentified young female (music hall dancers?) 
in costume, standing barefoot in a dance pose, 1904-33

Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

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