Monday, August 4, 2014

Harold Gear Paton

A third set from this New Zealand photographer.

 New Zealand soldiers with their Bofors ack ack gun, Alamein, Egypt, 16 July, 1942
 New Zealand wedding in Cairo. Miss R Claridge and Mr A Mason, 
both of Wellington, leaving the church after being married, 1943
 New Zealand wedding in Egypt during World War II. The bride Miss R Claridge and 
bridegroom A Mason, both of Wellington, walking between well-wishers. The bridegroom 
recently returned among the repatriated POWs from Italy. 13 May 1943
New Zealander from Light Aid Detachment welding pipe 
at the El Alamein front, Egypt, 16 July 1943
 New Zealander G J Lewis  holding the dog named 
Trip Trip, the unit pet, 9 March 1943
 New Zealanders on leave in Tripoli, Libya, 
make use of local transport, 10 February 1943
 O C Cossey takes an open air bath near Tripoli, Libya, February 1943
 Officers and NCOs of NZ Divisional Cavalry with male Syrians 
during a visit to villagers in the Syrian hills, 26 May 1942
 Radio operator at controls inside a signal truck during the Battle for Egypt, 16 July 1942
 Son of the chief of a Syrian bandit tribe examines the movie camera of a member of the NZ Divisional Cavalry during a visit to villagers in the Syrian hills, 26 May 1942
 Wounded placed into an air ambulance on a Tunisian airfield, 7 April 1943

Young women from the Red Cross distribute refreshments to repatriated
troops recently arrived by hospital ship from Italy, May 1943

Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

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