Sunday, August 17, 2014

Adam MacLay

 Family group outside their home, probably Christchurch 
district, includes two women with bicycles, 1905-26
 Five men in riding attire standing with Singer motorbikes on stands, 1905-26
 Group of bird and rabbit hunters, probably Christchurch 
district, showing men and boys with their catch and rifles, ca. 1915
 Group of men and women outside a tent, possibly Sumner, Christchurch, 1905-26
 Group of women and children outdoors, sitting 
in the branches of a fallen pine tree, ca. 1910s
 Large group of men, women and children, some 
holding musical instruments including a harp, 1905-26
 Men and women in formal clothes, 1905-26
 Men sitting and smoking at a camp site, 1905-26
 Portrait of a small girl, 1905-26
Two couples wearing similar clothing outdoors, 1905-26
Adam MacLay Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library

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