Monday, August 25, 2014

Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection

 Brazil, ca. 1920s. "The government has plans to civilize its Indians"
 Congressional party in convent ruins, old Panama, March, 1907
 Elderly man watching two young boys holding another 
young boy down on a mat while standing man reads scroll, 1890-1923
 Indian family in Brazil posed in front of hut, 1890-1923
 Picking olives, Palestine, 1880-1920
 "The boys of Nazareth are friendly, but in
fanatical Nablus they throw stones at Christians," 1900-24
 Two small boys holding up their drawings on small blackboards, Nicaragua, 1900-25
Village and palm trees by a lake with a pyramid in the distance, before 1923
Wealthy Malays, 1890-1923

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