Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Albert Rogers Crandall

The photographs of Albert Rogers Crandall date roughly from 1883 to 1890 and were taken mostly in rural Kentucky.

 Fog over Powell's Valley in the early morning
 Group of unidentified men on the Rock
[anyone from Kentucky know what "the Rock" refers to?]
 House and family of M.E. Mahan, outside house 
at Wolfe Creek in Whitley County, Kentucky
 R.C. Ballard atop a mule at the Cumberland Ford
 Snow scene with unidentified man taken at the corner of 
Broadway and High Streets in Lexington, Kentucky, March 29, 1883
 Unidentified adults and children in front of a school 
house near Jones Peak in Whitley County, Kentucky
 Unidentified group of State Survey men and students
 Unidentified man and horse beside a cliff near the mouth 
of Beaver Creek in Floyd County, Kentucky
 Unidentified man and women on horseback at 
the left fork of Beaver Creek, December 1890
 Unidentified men around a tent. Caption reads 
"Blighted Hopes-'Nothing but Iron, Sir.'"
 Unidentified people on the land of Bert Hutchinson in Elliot County, Kentucky
Unidentified women and children standing outside on 
the eastern side of the cottage of Albert R. Crandall


  1. These pictures are wonderful. I was researching the Forrester family history when I found this page. LeeAnn Forester Train

  2. I am researching Albert Rogers Crandall and wondered where these original images are from?

    Heather Potter: