Monday, August 18, 2014

George Robert Bull

George Robert Bull was a New Zealander photographing their troops in the European theater during World War II.

 'Spud barbers' at work near the cookhouse at 
Hove Supply Dump in the Cassino area, Italy, 29 April 1944
 A group of New Zealand Provosts attached to HQ 5 NZ Infantry Brigade 
at Hove Dump in the Cassino area, Italy, 29 April 1944
 A typical Regimental Aid post truck in the New Zealand 
Divisional Headquarters area in Casale, Italy, 23 April 1944
 Air force personnel talking over performance of a night bomber 
on an aerodrome at Caserta, Italy, 13 May 1944
 American medium bombers on way to join Allied attack 
on the Monte Cassino front, Italy, 15 March 1944
 Canine mascot Spandau loosening tent guy rope at the 
NZ LOB Camp near Capua, Italy, 20 February 1944
[LOB = "Left Out of Battle"; perhaps a convalescent camp for wounded?]
 Grace Douglas talking to Trooper D M Urquhart and Coporal A T Dewer at Maadi Camp, Egypt, after a performance by George Formby, circa 1 October 1943
[I've tried without success to find out who this Grace Douglas is]
 Members of the American Field Service at Aquafondata, Italy, 6 May 1944
 Men of NZ Division opening first mails since cessation 
of North African hostilities, Maadi, Egypt, 10 June 1943
New Zealand armoured vehicles in cover beside road 
near enemy in next village of Vicalvi, Italy, 29 May 1944

Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

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